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IT Consulting & Services

Max4data have striven to become trusted advisors in the medium and enterprise business sectors focusing on infrastructure architecting, installation, provisioning and and ongoing technical support of these environments. Simplicity and management of our clients environments remain a core criteria in supporting our clients.

Our Services

Smarter business solutions. From the very beginning our focus has been to align with selected key vendors and certify our staff both from a sales product understanding as well as a technical competency perspective. This ensures our clients receive our very best input and support throughout any engagement with Max4data. We are Authorised partners with IBM Power Systems and IBM Storage solutions and since 2018 have been actively engaged and focused on the revolutionary and powerful Nutanix business solutions, which in our view have epitomised simplicity.

IBM Systems

IBM Power Systems

IBM Storage Systems


Vulnerability Management


Hyperconverged Infrastructure, Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure


Multi-Cloud Data Protection Services


Automated Security Awareness Platform

Scale Computing 

Cloud Solutions

The proverbial “cloud” is no longer the simple notion it once was. There was a time when IT made a fairly straightforward decision whether to run an application in its on-premises datacenter or in the public cloud. IT departments today are deciding on which cloud(s) to use, often on an application-by-application basis.

Cloud Desktop

The digital workspace is spearheaded by technology and innovation that enables end-users to access services, tools, and applications from any connected device regardless of their location

Managed IT Services

Enterprise clouds require machine intelligence and automation to simplify complex operations from many clicks to a single click, and eventually from a single click to zero-touch management

Penetration Testing

The main objective with our penetration testing is to
evaluate the security weaknesses of an organizations systems. Penetration testing has more secondary objectives that will help the organization to identify their security incidents and also test the security awareness of employees

Disaster Recovery

In the pursuit of data protection, businesses nowadays face more hurdles in the security landscape than ever before. We know there is a growing demand for reliable, scalable infrastructure, but issues with downtime are complicating businesses’ confidence in their existing systems, implicating all-too-precious data in the process

Support Consulting

Max4data offers tailored support solutions to address clients specific needs, be it onsite or remote we can help.For a FREE TCO report on your datacenter,schedule an appointment today with one of our consultants.What do you have to loose?


“With single pane display, truly delivering for operations and management via Prism Central,

exceptional performance gains through intelligent workload allocation at block level and storage optimization, Nutanix has surpassed our expectations. We have seen a workload reduction on our resources and the workload management has been nothing short of phenomenal, it’s easy to use and understand”

Ready to find out more?

We are at your service, please feel free to reach out to us regarding your requirements, we will not disappoint

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